How we came to be:
Indigo Sky Appraisals was born from a dream many years ago to create a family run business that would promote hard work, strong values, integrity, honesty, passion, and dedication to our family, clients, community, and industry. After many years of learning from some of the best mentors in the area, we realized it was time to turn that dream into a reality.

How we came up with our name:
Indigo – the color of integrity, reliability, sincerity, honesty. Living in Tucson, Arizona, we are surrounded by a unique desert ecosystem which itself is surrounded by coniferous covered mountain ranges. The stark contrast between desert and mountain produces vivid sunsets in the western sky and deep purplish blue shadows on the mountains. The color indigo shows
up in the shadowy mountains at sunset and rises above as the mountains disappear into the night sky. Just at this time of evening, indigo shows up in the sky, thus signaling the end of another day as a calm peace transcends across the desert. As the morning sun begins to rise, indigo can once again be seen before the sun begins to rise over the eastern mountain peaks. Again, this time of day is a calm, peaceful welcoming way to begin a new day. Indigo is a way to remind us to take a moment at the beginning and end of each day to relax and remember what is truly important in our lives.